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Welcome to AZAM Recruitment

AZAM Recruitment provides Manpower Services and outsources skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower in majorly construction, security, and catering sectors.

AZAM Recruitment was created at the beginning of 2018, following the entrepreneurial strategy for expansion and diversification of business line by our chairman and founder of AZAM Holdings Mr. Almansoori. Our chairman had been constantly analyzing all the ways to improve our client’s business experiences and relationships in all forms. It is our dedication to provide companies with access to enhanced services and customizing the offered solutions according to their needs.

Under our Holdings umbrella, you can find multiple companies working in different activities that can form part of business seeking solutions for an existing workforce and such services offered comes in the form of Accommodation, Food Catering, and Other value-added services.

Our Featured Services

Build your workforce. Boost your productivity.
Electrical & A/c Maint. Professionals

We offer technicians who are qualified in the industry.

Building & Construction Workers

We supply manpower to all kinds of construction companies.

Unskilled Workers

We offer workers for clients looking to hire employees with limited skill set.

Hospitality Staff

We assist clients looking for qualified personnel in the hospitality industry.

Catering & Hotel Staff

We specialize in recruiting staff for the catering and hotel business.

Industrial Workers

We help recruit industrial workers skilled with technical expertise.

Maintenance Services Workers

We offer service workers for maintenance and repair jobs.

Bakery & Kitchen Professionals

We are experts in recruiting kitchen & bakery professionals.


Azam recruitment has been a trusted choice for employers
owing to the reputation we have built over these years.


If you have the skills, we have the job! With a proven
track record in recruiting candidates to ideal jobs,
you can count on us for your career goals.

We guarantee to choose only the best of the candidates
We have signed contracts in various sourcing countries which allows us to easily find the required talent, according to the client needs
The local sourcing agencies chosen by us are one of the biggest and best in the local markets, assuring broad coverage of workforce and selection of more qualified workers
Regularly travels to the sourcing countries to participate in the selection process

Meeting with the client – demand letter
Beginning of the selection process
If the request exceeds the availability of a number of labors then a new sourcing strategy is engaged
Interviews and trade tests with the client
Candidate deployment


Send us your requirements and we will take care of the rest. From filtering the best candidates through extensive screening, to final mobilization, we will make sure to find the ideal candidate for your organization.